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Implicitly / E-Neuro / DNA / Neuro-Gym / PC Myth Buster

1. Bias and bias reduction

Shire Professional are the authors of Implicitly® the UK's first commercial test to assess the risk of someone exhibiting discriminatory behaviour. Implicitly® is sold through Hogrefe UK, part of the pan European Hogrefe publishing group.

Completed online in just 5 minutes Implicitly® is able to measure and profile an individual's personal, often unintentional and unrecognised biases as a tool in their personal development. Implicitly is offered in core versions to examine Age, Disability, Ethnic Origin, Gender and Sexual Orientation.

We can also develop versions to examine religion/faith, body shape, nationality and just about any other aspect of diversity which interests you. As well as offering a consultancy service with Implicitly® we are able to offer a wide range of support services including unintentional bias awareness raising, one-to-one coaching with specialist bias psychologists and research using Implicitly® as the metric.

Shire Professional offer a range of 5 to 15 minute neuroplastic bias reduction tools called E-Neuro designed to mute the effects of our personal biases to reduce their impact on decisions around who we select, mentor, coach, promote, reward and discipline.

2. High potential talent programmes

We will be nice about it of course, but we have a knack of cutting to the heart of the question around what your programme sets out to deliver and how you know it is doing that. We know people often want to talk about the number of web site hits and numbers of applications but this is more about evidencing that your programme delivers what it set out to achieve.

We'll dissect your selection system, analyse your training and development processes and measure your satisfaction levels, but our eye will always be on gathering the evidence which underpins the business case for the programme. Over the years we have used an astounding range of methods to get at the answers including surveys, interviews, focus groups, comparative 360 degree assessment, analysis of performance data, data tracking, implicit metrics, diaries and network analysis.

And we are always interested in how different groups see your programme whether that be on the basis of age, cohort, country, department , disability, ethnic origin , gender, religion/faith, sexual orientation or programme stream.

3. Design of staff selection systems and psychometric tests

Different with Difference is how we describe our capacity to come up with innovative, fair and cost effective bespoke staff selection systems and tests. We invisibly integrate the latest research around bias and stereotype threat into simple system which deliver both the most able people, and the people with the most potential into a role. We have designed systems to select fairly and inexpensively amongst tens of thousands of candidates a year, to selecting an elite cadre of future leaders. We also know how to monitor and how to tweak new systems. We also offer a robust external review service.

If you are familiar with buying off the shelf psychometrics from the big publishers you may be tempted to develop something more bespoke for your organisation to save costs and make it more relevant. We can support that process or indeed take the job off your hands and deliver a finished product.

4. Research

Our 'bread and butter' because everything we do is driven by research. Surveys, interviews, focus groups, stakeholder analysis, network analysis, psychometrics the list goes on and on. We dedicate at least 20% of our own working time to our own research projects which don't have an immediate client because we don't think we can say we are led by research unless we do it for real ourselves.

Good research is an investment not a cost, and doesn't need to take years and cost vast sums of money, it simply needs to be well thought out. It also doesn't need to delay a project if the researchers are like those at Shire who are happy to work when you need us to work to find out what you need to know.

Early mornings, evenings, weekends and bank holidays are all working times at Shire if that is what you need to move on. It may also surprise you to know if you have ever commissioned research with other organisations and universities before, that we have never missed a deadline nor overspent a budget!

5. Implicit (unconscious) metrics ; the Implicit Association Test

National and international leaders at the vanguard of unconscious and unintentional bias, we were using implicit measures well before most of our competitors had even heard the words. We remain the thought leaders in applied implicit measures in the UK. We are the people other consultants call when they need advice on implicit metrics. Using our Implicitly® and Targetx® platforms we have delivered implicit measures online in areas as diverse as brand image, risk assessment and child-sex associations.

We have presented paper after paper at national and international conferences on implicit metrics. We design Implicit Association Tests to your specification and to answer your questions, but we will never compromise or abuse this often misunderstood technology. To know where the amazing potential but also the limits of this technology lie, you need first to truly understand it and Shire know IAT inside out!

6. Our wider product range

Shire Professional are not alone in believing that the way organisations 'do diversity' has to change.

Delivered in consultation and often hand-in-hand with the psychologists at Coach For Change, Doyin Atewologun and Beyond-Online Shire Professional offer a wide range of products and services.

We believe this is an essential and unique blend of incredible cutting edge knowledge from the fields of psychology and
diversity at work.

Together we offer a unique and informed range of services and products which can be tailored to your specific context including but not limited to.