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April 6, 2020

Shire releases unconscious bias videos for free (non commercial) use.

October 1st 2014

DNA is a new tool. It is a version of social network analysis ( Cross) which examines the networks within which a work team Communicates, Collaborates, Innovates, Problem solves and Socialises. [read more]

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Diversity Network Analysis [DNA]

Diversity Network Analysis is a tool developed from the Social Network Analysis literature. It looks at how individuals within teams informally interact in terms of how they Communicate, Collaborate, Innovate, Problem Solve, Trust and Socialise.

This is overlaid with aspects of team diversity: professional group, age, education, gender, department, ethnic origin or any other dimension to reveal the true networks, bottlenecks and barriers. DNA is a useful tool in examining why some groups encounter barriers to progression at work, and how we can better Communicate, Collaborate, Innovate, and Problem Solve. DNA is a very short (less than 2 minute) metric which is completed for up to 18 team members and their contacts.