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Shire Professional

About Shire Professional

At Shire Professional our Unique Selling Point is our psychological knowledge. Primarily we are psychologists and this distinction is at the core of our business. Using robust psychological models we offer a wide range of services including coaching, consultancy and training services but this is only done in support of our psychological enquiry and always uses robust psychological models. We insist that everything we deliver is based on both knowledge and judgement.

We recognise where our expertise begins and ends and we only work with psychologists with the same ethos. Before we offer the latest exciting development in management thinking, you can be sure we have pored over it, as well as reviewed, critiqued and understood the research behind it. If we can't describe to you the psychology and the research underpinning what we offer, we don't offer it.

We are constantly scanning the latest research journals, attending key conferences and talking to academics around the world to bring you the right tools and the right answers.

Different with Difference

Shire Professional believe that the way organisations 'do diversity' has to change. It has to change because what they have been doing has had limited success. Although traditional approaches have raised general awareness amongst employers and employees they have also raised anxiety, highlighted differences and generally led to cultures where people are unsure or afraid to honestly talk about difference.

Diversity has become known for being just about minority or non-dominant groups, rather than being about how we all differ. Importantly what has been done before has had very little impact on our underlying attitudes; people have simply been encouraged or forced not to address their thoughts and feelings about individual difference. Different with Difference is how we describe our approach to individual differences in organisations. It is about us all not being afraid to admit how we feel and think, to try to understand why this is the case and to be mindful about how this impacts others.