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Whole-staff Unconscious Bias training, flexibly, but on a budget.

Until now good unconscious bias training has largely been the reserve of senior leaders, managers and HR.

Unconscious (implicit) Bias is a threat to many of our people processes, not least to our Recruiting, Performance Management, Reward, Work Allocation, Team Formation and Promotion systems. It can damage relationships with communities, customers and service users.

Many organisations want to raise staff awareness of Unconscious Bias. However, amongst the many demands for staff training, getting any diversity and inclusion training on the schedule can be difficult. Getting budget and staff time can be even tougher.

Bringing people together for face-to-face training is expensive. Expensive in trainer time, and expensive in staff time. It can be logistically difficult to get venues arranged and staff diaries aligned. The best made plans can be thwarted by last minute job demands. Because of these costs, good Unconscious Bias training has tended to be the reserve of managers and leaders. The wider staff group are sometimes given E-learning, often with disappointing take up or effect. Until now.

Traditional face-to-face awareness training around unconscious bias, to get all staff to think about their own biases isn’t the only option.

Shire Professional’s interactive webinars with an expert psychologist, often coupled with online confidential bias testing, can be an impactful and cost-effective way to deliver Unconscious Bias training to your wider staff group.

The sessions are interactive and allow staff to set their own schedule of attendance, input to the session content and focus, and to then ask questions of a subject matter expert. They have many uses, including;

Webinars sessions can be run to suit the whole staff working pattern, including;


Our unconscious bias video series

  Video 1. Basics of unconscious
bias (5 mins).
Video 2. Unconscious bias
and recruiting ( 8 mins.)
  Video 3. Unconscious bias performance management and reward (5 mins.) Video 4. Unconscious bas in coaching,
mentoring and sponsorship (4 mins.)
  Video 5. Action on unconscious
bias ( 20 mins.)
Video 6. Unconscious bias,
end to end (42 mins.)
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